When the kids grow up

My daughters aren’t getting traditional Easter baskets this year.  We will be traveling over Easter, and the baskets we always use would take up too much space in the car.  Besides that, I’m not too keen on supporting their candy habit, anyway.  So, I picked up some cute burlap bags with bunnies on them and planned to fill the bags with clothes they can wear on spring break in Florida.

I know this will come as a shock to most people, but my daughters have begun to show a lack of appreciation for the clothes I pick  out for them.  Hoping they have short attention spans and will forget what they showed me by Sunday, I took them shopping last night to pick out some clothes they liked so I could buy things they will actually wear.

Which brings me to this moment….

I was driving along in my very cool (if I do say so myself) minivan with my radio tuned to Chicago’s hippest station (101.9, the Mix.  All the moms over 40 listen to it!) when a favorite song came on the radio. Of course I turned up the volume and started singing along.

“Mom,” my 14-year-old said, “don’t you know what this song is about?”

“Yeah,  it’s about going to the beach and eating cake.”  And then I stopped.  Because I realized it wasn’t about eating cake at all.  “Oh,” I said.  “I guess that’s not what it’s about.”

My daughter laughed.  “No, mom.  It’s about something else entirely…”

I thanked her for ruining the song for me.  And I kind of hated the fact that she was old enough to know this stuff.  But, you know what?   I also kind of enjoyed laughing about it with her.




  1. Kate Schwarz · March 22, 2016

    What?! They grow up?! My kids are still too young to get most of the songs on the radio–despite the fact that they know most of the words. Every now and then I get asked, “What’s ‘hell’ mean, Mom?” I know my days of innocence are numbered! Happy Easter 🙂


  2. bbutler627 · March 23, 2016

    Ah, oh no! What’s it about then? My 4 year old sings it. Damn, now I have to google it! Great slice though. Funny, poignant, surprising. All the best elements for parenting and sharing stories like these 🙂


  3. andresenb · March 23, 2016

    Love this! The last line, about how it’s also great at the same time that you can relate to each other now that she’s getting older. Love it.


  4. Dana Murphy · March 23, 2016

    What song is it? I don’t know if I’ve even heard it because I listen to audiobooks in the car – how nerdy is that?

    I never thought my mom was very cool growing up. Turns out, she’s the wisest, kindest, most loving person I know. She’s the coolest. 🙂


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