Talent Show

I don’t have a ninth period class.  That means I don’t have to escort any students to the gym.  It also means I can waltz into the gym at my leisure; I don’t have to “load” the gym and then sit in the bleachers with my class and wait for the show to start.  Because today–in spite of the lack of blue skies and sunny hopefulness I usually associate with it–is the talent show day.  This is the day that ushers in spring break.  It is the very unofficial last day of winter in my own personal school year calendar.

I can hear them in the hallway now.  I will check my travel plans one more time, organize the papers I’ll be taking with me over break, check the weather again and again.  And then, when silence permeates, I will go down and watch the students perform.  But my mind will not be in the gym.  It will be miles and miles away from the rain and the clouds.  Miles and miles away from the fluorescent lights and long, tiled hallways.  Miles and miles away from all these tables and chairs.

As I watch the performers, as I enjoy the singing and dancing and instrument playing…  my mind will already be in next week.



One comment

  1. Dana Murphy · March 25, 2016

    It’s like I can feel you counting down the minutes! You’re going somewhere fun for break?? Good for you!


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