And we haven’t even started yet…

The stream of screamed swear words coming from the basement draws me to the top of the stairs.

I pause before rushing down.  “Do you need help?”  I ask, and when there’s no answer I start down the stairs.

My husband  comes into view and tells me: “I got it taken care of.  That was a near disaster, though.”

I’m afraid of the answer, but I ask anyway. “What happened?”

“There’s a problem with the sink in the laundry room.  The pipe or something.  I just caught it before the laundry room flooded out into the other room. We’ll probably have to wait until after vacation to get a plumber here, though.  So, you can’t do any laundry until we get back”

I think of the pile of laundry I need to wash before we leave on our epic spring break drive that I can’t believe we committed to but now we’ve made a million plans so there’s no backing out.

No,  this isn’t a near disaster.  Not a near one at all.



  1. ineverleft4thgrade · March 25, 2016

    I agree! We have had to cancel vacations because of way more and it sucks! Enjoy your time!


  2. litcoach64 · March 25, 2016

    Your title drew me in! What a disastrous small moment!


  3. Kelly Neylon · March 25, 2016

    Oh my! So funny! Not a near disaster at all! Have a fantastic time smelling the roses along the way! Ha!


  4. C.Crouch · March 26, 2016

    Be happy you have a vacation planned with lots of plans on your itinerary. I just sat at home on my spring break and washed laundry 😦 dread! Having no clean clothes gives you permission to go shopping and buy more on your trip!


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