The gawkees

An open-air tour trolley slowly moves past our hotel as we lounge by the pool.  We are just a bit too far away, and the hotel’s music is just a bit too loud, for us to hear what the tour guide is saying.  My husband raises his hand and slowly waves at the tourists who stare back at us, not waving…only watching.

Several minutes later another trolley appears.  We watch as it, too, stops to make an unheard commentary.  “I wonder what they’re saying,” I say as the faces turn in unison to stare in our direction.

“Probably that our hotel has been the sight of several unsolved murders,” my twelve year old tells me.  And, while I laugh, I can’t help but wonder…






  1. mbhmaine · March 29, 2016

    Funny slice! Your 12-year old’s sense of humor would fit in in my household. It does make one wonder though, and you did a great job painting the scene. I can just picture your husband waving and the tourists not waving, just watching. Well done!


  2. Ellen · March 29, 2016

    This is hysterical – and your last line is awesome, “And while I laugh…” Have fun on vacation!


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