Gator Shopping

image“How about this one?” The man asks, holding up  one of the many young alligators that he has fished out of the murky water.

“That one is too skinny,” the woman standing on the other side of the fence tells him. She points out another alligator. “What about that one?” She asks.

“I already showed you that one.  You said it was too mean.  You said it would pick on the others.”

She pauses, remembering.  Then her eyes scan the enclosure.  She points to one near the wall.  “That one,” she says.  “Can you get that one for me?”

He moves quickly through the water, grasps the animal by its tail, and pulls it from the water.  “This one?” He holds it up for approval.

“Yes,” she tells him.  “That one is good.”

He brings the alligator toward the front of the enclosure.  And when he steps out of the water we realize that he is barefoot.





One comment

  1. litcoach64 · March 30, 2016

    Hmmm…that sounds a little dangerous! Your ending was great!! Loved how you used dialogue.


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