“Ruff” lessons

This quarantine business has been just as difficult for our pets as it’s been for us.  Of course, no one is surprised that our cats are not happy to have us home all day.  I’ve caught my cat Simon giving me the side-eye several times this week.  He’s been especially pissy about the fact that I’ve decided my workspace is on my bed.  Or, as he refers to it, his bed.

Anyway, I hesitate to write what happened to Simon because it was pretty upsetting at the time.  But I will share it now, because it’s pretty much the only thing that has happened around here recently.  And because I have checked in with him about a thousand times since the incident, and he is doing well.

So, here it is…  On Thursday, my daughter Paige was getting ready to go for daily timed run.  She’s doing this under the false impression that her track season is not over for the year and so she still has to what the coach tells her.  I like it, though.  One, because I’m sure it is good for her mental health. And, two, because when she’s out of the house the number of people here goes down, and we can all enjoy that at this time.

Paige was completing her pre-run routine, which includes some apparently rather forceful leg swings.  As she was swinging one leg powerfully behind her, she kicked the cat and he flew several feet across the dining room.  Apparently, he was rather football like as it happened.  Which would be funny, but it’s not.  So you meanies in the back can stop laughing.  Paige came upstairs and found me in my office (also known as my bed) and we went down and found the cat.  It wasn’t easy.  As cats do, he was hiding.  But we found him, and he was pissy, which is his usual attitude, but otherwise fine.  I’ve checked with him about four billion times since then, and he remains just as pissy and fine, so I guess all is well.   We’ve noticed he also stays away from Paige when she’s doing her warm ups.  Lesson learned.

The dog has been mostly happy to have us home, but I think she’s starting to get sick of us.  Yesterday, my older daughter took her for a walk.  The problem (besides the fact that she forgot to take poop bags with her and therefore wound up being vilified on the neighborhood Facebook page) was that Claire has been away at college since August and hasn’t been privy to Molly’s slow decent into old age.  Molly is doing fine, but feeling the years.  And my husband and I have noticed that she;’s not able to walk as far as she used to.  I realized that Claire didn’t know this when she had been gone for over an hour.  (Yes, I was relishing the “one lesson person in the house” moments.  Don’t judge.)  Anyway, I called her and told her to come home, which she did.  Last night, we could tell that Molly had overdone it.  She was moving rather slowly.  So today Claire took her out for a much shorter walk today—this time with a couple of Jewel bags in her pocket.  We are going to learn how to make this okay.


  1. Patricia Holloway · 10 Days Ago

    And we think we are the ones displaced.
    I’m happy your cat is ok. Poor baby! I’m sure the cat will lay low for a time.
    I’m also sorry, I could not help it. I first laughed about Paige’s kick.
    And your dog needs a break.
    I’ve enjoyed your slice.


  2. Sharon Gubser · 9 Days Ago

    Your cats have a lot of stories to tell. At least he didn’t get drywalled in the wall again. 🙂


  3. mindyr6572 · 9 Days Ago

    Animal abuse, lol!! You made me laugh out loud, I needed that.


  4. mrssurridge · 9 Days Ago

    First, I love your title. Second, I enjoyed the perspective of the pets. The pissy cat and the old dog–so funny. Third, there is something to be said for the minutes that there are fewer people in the house!


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