Change is….bad?

We switched things up a bit this week.  My younger daughter is now on “spring break” and my older daughter is back “in” school.  I, meanwhile, am still “in” school since my  “spring break” doesn’t start until next week.    It doesn’t seem like this new situation would be such a big deal,  and I fully expected things to move ahead normally, but that was not what happened.  There was much arguing around here, possibly some screaming, and I think I actually heard an object thrown at one point.

Tomorrow is another day,  I’ve worked out a bit of a schedule to keep us further apart.  Even though I think one of my girls is craving more time together, the other is most definitely looking for some alone time.  I will try to make it work by focusing some extra time on my daughter who is needing companionship, and giving space to the other daughter.  This whole day has been a flashback to a time from about ten years ago, a time I thought I missed.  Until today.  But, tomorrow is another day.


  1. Donnetta Norris · 8 Days Ago

    My children are 9 years apart. The oldest is a girl and the youngest a boy. Every so often I hear the pounding of feet as they chase each other from upstairs to downstairs. Often, they are playing, until they are not. One of them gets annoyed, of course. I know it’s not completely the same, but I understand, some. Tomorrow is another day and I hope it goes better than today.


  2. a2thekroth · 8 Days Ago

    I was thinking about recording all the little tiffs that go on around here so that we can laugh about them later… ???


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