Looks like rain Slice day 20

Earlier this week, I was sitting at my desk doing important things when I heard a loud thud from outside the window next to me. I turned to see a rake sitting there. Just as I was contemplating the meaning of the rake, a giant broom hit the ground next to it. The giant brook was quickly followed by another rake, and then a shovel landed next to it. I had noticed a ladder out there earlier, followed by the site of a man going up the ladder, but this was something else entirely.

A small rubber mat landed in the grass next, followed by–I am not kidding–a propane tank. What exactly had they been doing up there? Barbecuing? Next came another smaller tool. It was actually rather disappointing after the propane tank. The grand finale of the equipment toss was large, heavy bucket. I only knew it was heavy because of the very loud sound it made when it hit the ground.

A moment later, the same man from before came down the ladder and began taking away all his fun toys. I watched until he took the final trinket–the ladder–and walked away. And then I turned back to my computer and went back to work. The day’s excitement was over, and it was time to get back to important things.


  1. amyilene · 28 Days Ago

    I am so curious! I love how you wrote this, bringing me right to your desk to contemplate this curiosity.


  2. mindyr6572 · 28 Days Ago

    I don’t think throwing propane tanks is a good idea. I mean what are they really doing on the roof with a propane tank????


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