March Sadness Slice day 21

If you watch college basketball at all, you already know what this blog entry is about.

On Friday, I watched as my beloved Buckeyes fell to 1,000,000th seed Oral Roberts. I soothed myself with the belief that I could at least watch Illinois rise through the ranks. That belief ended this afternoon, when Illinois lost to another local favorite.

“At least Wisconsin is still representing the Big 10,” I told my husband. That comfort didn’t last long.

Now I will continue to watch the tournament, because it’s still good basketball, but my dreams of finishing with any sort of bracket pride are, sadly, over.


  1. mindyr6572 · 27 Days Ago

    I did not know you were into basketball! I learn something new everyday.


  2. Marcela · 27 Days Ago

    There were so many upsets this weekend! I thought for sure Illinois would beat Loyola – what a super disappointment.


  3. mrssurridge · 27 Days Ago

    This made me laugh. I don’t watch the games, but I hear every whistle and sneaker screech because my husband does. It sounds like his teams are doing as well as yours. 🙂 There’s always next year!


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