Perfect afternoon Slice day 22

The sun is casting its bright warm beam across the living room. My cat is happily perched in the window, his attention fully focused on some birds in my neighbor’s tree. My dozing dogs take up separate spaces on the floor.

My daughter, having spent a rare in-person day at school, contentedly wanders across the entryway floor. “Are we taking the dogs for a walk later?” She asks, and she nods her approval when I tell her we will be.

I a few minutes I will have to start thinking about what we will eat for dinner. Later tonight I will need to get my things ready for tomorrow. And I really should be doing some laundry. But those are all worries for later.

Because, for just this moment, I am going to relax and enjoy this perfect afternoon.


  1. Heidi · 26 Days Ago

    Those lazy afternoons are the best! There’s just something about that sunshine. I love the line about your daughter nodding her approval.


  2. susand1123 · 26 Days Ago

    It’s great that you are enjoying the simple things!


  3. Stacey Shubitz · 25 Days Ago

    We haven’t had a lazy afternoon around here in oh-so-long. Yours sounds delightful with both your daughter and your pets!


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