Where I’m from Slice day 23

This is my college roommate. She now does sessions were she communicates with your pets, and helps you to understand their needs. People hire her to solve problems with their pets. I wonder if she’ll give me a discount, because my puppy is a terror.

Megan was one of my roommates at Colorado State, and most of my memories from that time are happy ones. Now, I am saddened and angered and, frankly, terrified by the events that took place near our rival school in Boulder yesterday. Even more so because the man who walked into a grocery store and murdered ten people, terrorizing many more, graduated from my own high school.

I remember a Colorado of happiness, of caring people, of a laid back, carefree existence. When I speak to old friends from Colorado, or when I see pictures of the places I remember, or BBC when I hear mention of Colorado, I warmly remember the place I am from.

But I can’t pretend not to notice the change. I can’t pretend that the horrible acts of violence that took place in a high school, and a movie theater, and now a grocery store haven’t happened. That these nightmare events haven’t changed the culture of Colorado in my mind. That safe and perfect place of my memories has been destroyed.

I’m afraid that where I’m from doesn’t exist anymore.


  1. carwilc · 25 Days Ago

    I have lived in Colorado almost my entire life!!! There is still so much good, even if it’s hard to find with all of the bad. Yesterday broke my heart. Again….


  2. onathought · 25 Days Ago

    So scary when something hits home like this and breaks our heart. I have no words, just that I hear you.


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