In the Spotlight Slice day 24

Every week, our dean puts together a newsletter for our students. Each week, a teacher is spotlighted. He has almost run out of teachers to spotlight. That became obvious this week when he sent me an email asking if I’d be the spotlight teacher of the week.

I told him that I didn’t think I could really do it, since there’s nothing about me that the kids don’t already know. (I talk a lot) He reassured me that it would be okay if I made something up. So, I did.

Presenting…this week’s spotlight teacher:

And now my dean is reminded of why he waited so long before name me spotlight teacher.

P.S. The cat had a great day.


  1. andresenb · 24 Days Ago

    I cannot handle this post for so many reasons.

    1. You continue to be one of the funniest writers I know.
    2. How was your cat in the building without my knowledge?? Next time you better tell me.
    3. You adopted a puppy AND a kitten?!?! My heart is full.


  2. BethMooreSchool · 24 Days Ago

    This is amazing. As a slice of life post, and just in general.


  3. Stacey Shubitz · 23 Days Ago

    This is awesome! I appreciate the laugh your sub provided for me!


  4. Shaista · 23 Days Ago

    I’m sure your kids love the sub!


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