Important Plans Slice day 27

Today is my first day of spring break! I finished and finalized my grades this morning, and then the rest of the day was mine to do whatever I wanted!

I have spent the entire day watching Netflix. It has been a real learning experience. There are two important lessons that I’m glad to have learned over the past several hours.

One is that I really need to buy a new purse.

The second lesson is a super important one. I learned it from watching the highly intelligent but somewhat misguided folks on several Netflix series. It is this—find a good bar. You know, a neighborhood place where you can go at any time and hang out with all sorts charming, erudite, and downright hospitable folks. All the answers to life’s biggest questions can, apparently, be discovered while drinking an alcoholic drink and having casual conversations with your fellow bar folk.

And if you’re facing an incredible life decision, then you should know that every bartender is pretty much a spirit guide.

As soon as I feel safe (covid wise) to do so, I’m finding myself a good bar. Until then, I guess I’ll settle for a nice purse.


  1. mindyr6572 · 21 Days Ago

    Watch are you watching that leads you to believe you need a new purse? Inquiring minds need to know!

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  2. Steph Stinemetz · 21 Days Ago

    Yes! I love our local bar and I don’t even drink. I miss seeing our favorite bartenders faces, but thankfully I have been able to stay current on their lives thanks to social media.


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