Painful Truth Slice day 28

Sometimes it’s hard to accept the truth, to admit to it, to state what is truly happening. Even when that truth is clearly what it is. Even if when that truth is staring you in the face.

But sometimes the truth is not what you want it to be. Sometimes you hoped that this truth would not happen. Sometimes what you want to be true is the opposite of what the truth really is.

Sometimes life really is this hard.

But today I am finally going to state it—the real truth—what is really happening. And here it is… Michigan basketball is an excellent team, the best in the Big Ten, and stands a good chance at winning the tournament.

There, I said it. And I’m just as sad as I was before I admitted this truth.


  1. mindyr6572 · 20 Days Ago

    Oh my gosh, you are hilarious!


  2. Quinn Csuk · 20 Days Ago

    I’m proud of you for speaking your truth.

    Also that is an Office quote. Because I know you love when I quote the office.


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